Information about KSD in English

The Vital-Energy-Window creates an atmosphere to feel well! An innovative new development: The Vital-Energy-Window uses sun energy in winter. Similar to a tiled stove it stores and releases it into the room. Even diffused light is enough to heat the room noticeably. At night the window prevents the existing heat from dispersing to the outside. In summer the absorptiondisc can be turned and thus used as a strong sunshade without additional shading.

Awards...      Award granted by the State of Bavaria, Prof.-Adalbert-Seifriz-Award, Special award
                    granted by the Ministry of the Environment of North Rhine Westphalia

In winter...     it uses sun energy and releases it into the room, similar to a tiled stove.
In summer... the patented inner wing can be turned within seconds and used as a perfect sun protection glass.
Better room climate... through less scattered dust particles. Allergen strains are noticeably reduced and mould fungus                                  has no chance anymore.

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